Monday, August 14, 2006 posting from Second Life

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Lev Kamenev does not exist in real life. Lev Kamenev is a Second Life character. But until recently he had to ask somebody outside of SL to update his blog. Not anymore! I have developed a small tool which allows you to post to your blog from inside the game. Grab your copy of "blogger" object at Exile, install on your land, and enjoy! As extra bonus, it will also promote your blog, by offering to open it in web browser to people who touch it.



Jason said...

Hey, Lev great Blog. We can't wait to here from you on our little review. *wink, wink* Don't be to nasty. lol It was a enjoy and a pleasure to meet you in Second Life. Ya don't find to many real people there. Keep bloggin' and keep keepin' it real! Peace.

-Dick Blackmun aka Jason the Other Half from the

Ordinal Malaprop said...

Very interesting! Is the script for this open? I was looking at using the Blogger Atom API yesterday, and I'd be interested to see how other people are doing it....

Lev Kamenev said...

This script is not open, but blogger APIs
are published and are farily simple to use.

Chip Poutine said...

Hi Lev,

This is a great project! I've finally had a bit of time to get it up on my land and have a couple of questions:

Pardon my lack of knowledge on LSL or known exploits, but are there any potential security concerns giving out our blogger name and password in the manner specified in the notecard, besides making a typo?

As well, when the notecard gets transmitted to Blogger does it get published straight away or can it be submitted as a draft?

Thanks again!

Lev Kamenev said...


To answer your questions:

As always there are some security concerns whenever you give your password to 3rd party (which is me in this case) :). If I make an effort I will be able to see your password (which I am NOT
intended to do). However I made every effort to protect it further down processing chain. Between second life server and blog posting backend (which I also wrote) password is sent encrypted. Posting from backend to server also uses encrypted form of password. So in theory
even if somebody wiill intercept all communications your password will be safe.

Regarding posting as draft - I am currently posting to blog straight away. I am not sure if blogger protocol I
am using permits posting as drafts, but I will check. It could be interesting option.

Aslso, check my recent post on geotagging. I plan to integrate this in blog posting backend, so all posts
will be automatically geo-tagged.

Chip Poutine said...

Great info Lev, sounds like the security has been well thought out. Just so you know, it wasn't you I was worried about ;)

I only ask about the draft option because my entries keep to a fairly consistent format with photos at the top of the post - therefore I tend to write the review on a notecard and then copy and paste into Blogger for additional formatting.

Automatic geotagging would be a GREAT time-saving feature!