Thursday, August 31, 2006

Visualizing Second Life GeoTags

Earlier I've proposed simple geo-tagging approach for Second Life-related objects on the web (images, videos, blog posts, etc.).

In order to demonstrat how this data could be used I have put together small demo which finds all geo-tagged objects in some blog (these could be either blog posts or Flickr or Imageshack images) and shows them on the map. To try it, just go to:

You can try to enter there URL of my blog to see locations I was writing about:

To see all SL-geotagged images on Flickr (from all users) you can try:

If you are interested only in geo-tagged Flickr images from particular user (for example Mark Wallace), URL will be:

It works with Imageshack as well! Try my to enter my profile URL:

You can also try to enter any blog URL or Flickr page which have RSS feed.

The application is quick-and-dirty demo, I will polish it later as time permits.

I think it is pretty darn cool. If we can somehow can promote the idea and make more pople tag their SL-related content, in the future many interesting applications could be built on top of that data. To generete your own SL geotags, use this helper application.

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