Saturday, September 16, 2006

SL digg?

Second Life is full of exiting stuff. People are doing astounding things there. My problem is that it is just sometimes hard to find really interesting within the game. Search function is close to useless since the results are full of ads for people selling something and various gambling venues. It is actually reminding me of my "Junk Mail" folder.

So while browsing through my daily portion of news from '' I though - would not it be cool to have something like for Second Life? Imagine some small gizmo you attach to your body. Then, whenever you are in a place you like, you just type '/1 digg'. Then, there is a web site where you can see a list, and a map of most digged places within, say, last 30 days (or any other peroiod). The place being a spot in the game, with say, 30 meters radius.

BlogHud does something close to this, but they do not have the rating function and rating charts on the web site. I guess they can easily add that. And of course all submitted data about new diggs should be openly available as RSS feed with geotags for 3rd party apps who wish to use it.

(I am not going to implement this on my own, but if somebody would decide to try to implement this, I can provide some guidance. Technically it is fairly simple thing to do. Contact me if you are interested)

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kosso said...


This sounds great! As more apps like this, mine and sltats/tagHUD take shape, as long as they output some nice xml, we can start to build some amazing apps on top of it all ;)