Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coworking in Second Life

Coworking is an excellent idea. If you are an independent developer, designer, or writer, and need space to work and meet like-minded people, may look at some of existing coworking facilities in your city. What if there are none nearby? Second Life should be a perfect place to build such kind of place, where you can log in from anywhere in the word and hang out while working.

To try it out I've built first (to my knowledge) completely virtual coworking facility in Second Life:

Please drop by and try it out. Click on image to teleport there.

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Jason said...

sl is really working to almost take over rl. I hear land prices are going up too. Hope all is good. Peace and Happy Holidays!

-Jason from The Half Show

Bernie said...

This is a fun cool concept, and I'd like to encourage you to take it further - like, for example, virtual group workspaces like whiteboards, or maybe some kind of bulletin boards where we can leave messages for eachother, especially when we're the first to be in the room, and set appointments, even change the meeting room and stuff....